Rwanda: Nyamasheke Cyato

Light/Medium Roast

Elevation: 1850m

Wet Process

Varietal: Bourbon

This coffee is from the Nyamasheke region of Rwanda’s most western province and comes from the Cyato washing station. This washing station is further than others, so the coffees are brought here for processing are grown at higher elevations. This Cyato coffee is a FANTASTIC coffee in the light to medium range. It has a pristine sweetness, having clean citrus and berry tones, with a floral overlay. Berry tones in the coffee are similar to tart wild berries, blueberries, cranberry, and dark grape. When the roast pushes into the medium zone the coffee’s tones get a bit more spice to them, but still hangs on to a great citrus acidity. This is a fantastic coffee, we REALLY like it.