With coffee, each step from the Coffee Farm to your cup really matters.


We carefully select our green coffee, and only buy the best of what is available in season. We then roast small batches of this coffee to the proper roast level in order to enhance the God given flavor of that coffee. Once that coffee is sealed in our craft bag and sent to you, the customer, brewing methods will make a HUGE difference in the quality of your cup.


To achieve fantastic results here are some of our brewing tips:

·        Ensure the Coffee is fresh

o   Our craft bags are heat sealed, so no oxygen can get in. These bags should be opened and used within 3 months of the roast date.

o   Once the bag is opened the coffee should be used in 7 days. After that point, you are really going to lose flavor and aroma!


·        Grind Coffee immediately before brewing.  

o   Oxygen deteriorates coffee, that is why you want to keep it sealed up until you are ready to enjoy.

o   Once the coffee is ground, more oxygen can get at the coffee, and therefore it speeds up the deterioration of flavor and aroma.

o   This is why Grinding right before brewing is key for great results!! (see FAQ for recommendation on Grinder)


·        Use the Right Water:

o   Make sure the water you use in your coffee is filtered.

o   Water should be between 200 - 205F. If you don’t know the temperature, let the water rest for about 1 minute after you reach a hard boil.


·        Choose a quality Brewing Device:


o   There is a lot of technical information on this point, but the key here is you want a device that has the right “extraction” time for the coffee.

o   If it is to slow – coffee will taste bitter.

o   If it is to fast – coffee will be to weak.

o   This is something that you will have to play with, as the size of your grind will affect brew time as well.

o   Here are a few our favorite coffee devices:

§  Chemex: this is our go to.

§  AeroPress: Single cup device, great espresso or americano.

§  French Press: this will be a very full body coffee.

§  Technivorm Moccamaster: this is an expensive, but awesome coffee pot. Do your research on this one, as it will be an larger investment.

§  This is not an exhaustive list, its just what we like to use at home. Do some research and let us know what you find works great.

o   I have had great coffee in cheap coffee pots, and I have had horrible coffee in expensive coffee pots. High price does not always mean quality brewing.

o   This is an area that is worth doing some research.


·        Use the right amount of coffee:

o   We recommend using 15g of coffee for 250ml of water.

o   Every morning, we use 45g of coffee for 750ml of water in our Chemex – great results.

o   Like most people, we have our favorite mugs. We find that 750ml is perfect for our two favorite mugs.



o   Once you have dialed things in – keep it consistent.

o   We measure everything on a kitchen scale, this ensures consistentsy.  

o   This is how you will start to develop your coffee palate, as you will begin to discern differences in the coffee you are drinking. 


·        Have Fun and Keep Learning:

o   We have loved our coffee journey, it is amazing!!

o   One of the best parts of coffee is the conversation and learning that takes place.

o   Feel free to ask any questions, we love to help people understand the world of coffee.